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Flipkart quiz answers today for 15th February to win SuperCoins, Flipkart gift vouchers, and electronic gadgets.

flipkart quiz answer

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Flipkart daily trivia answers today: 15th February

1) Which TV cookery show featured Farah khan as the host with celebrity guest?

Answer: Farah ki Dawat

2) Who is nobita’s love interest in the anime Doraemon?

Answer: Shizuka

3) Who among these appeared in the music video ‘gorilla’ by Bruno mars?

Answer: Frieda Pinto

4) Who made her debut ath the age of 4 in the 1967 tamil movie ‘kandhan karunai’?

Answer: Sridevi

5)Which fictional character alter ego works as photographer in aap ki aawaz?

Answer: Shaktiman

Fake or not Flipkart answers: 15th February

1) Kiara Advani’s Real Name Is Alia

Answer: Not Fake

2) India’s First Passenger Train Was Run Between Delhi To Jaipur

Answer: Fake

3) Polar Bear’s Skin Is Black In Color

Answer: Not Fake

Kya bolti Public Flipkart answers: 15th February

1) Which summer fruit is loved more by Indians?

Answer: Mango

2) While earning on our own should we accept money from parents

Answer: No

3) Which attire is more suitable for office?

Answer: Indian look

Flipkart Daam Sahi hai answers: 15th February

Answer 1: Less than 10000

Answer 2: 2700

Answer 3: 4299

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