What is flash.co? The Email ID that Every Shopper Should Know

Do you frequently shop online? Then this article is a must-read for you! If you’re not familiar with Flash.co, you should be. Knowing about it can help you save money on your everyday purchases. So let’s start with what is flash.co.

Flash.co is an email ID that rewards you for shopping. If you use this email ID then you claim extra cashback and exclusive benefits. You can earn additional cashback on 1200+ brands when you use this email ID. 

what is flash.co


I was recently browsing Myntra when I flash.co popup. I didn’t know what flash.co was, so I ignored it at first. However, I later decided to learn more about it.

I discovered this is an email ID that offers users extra cashback on their purchases from a variety of merchants. To earn cashback through flash.co, you simply need to use your flash.co email address instead of your traditional emails.


What is Flash.co?

Simply put, Flash.co provides you with a dedicated email address (@flash.co) that functions like your regular Gmail or Outlook. However, it offers a unique advantage: earning cashback on purchases made at over 1200 partner brands, including Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra.

The benefits:

  • Additional cashback on each purchase, it has partnered with over 1200+ brands.
  • The dedicated space from where you can keep track of all your orders. Instead of using your personal email ID.

flash account email


It is a new platform that gives you a dedicated email address for your shopping needs. With this, all your shopping-related emails will be neatly organized in one place, making it easy to keep track of your order and rewards.

However, you must be curious about how it works. Let’s take a look at how this works.

How to Earn Cashback: A Simple Guide

You need to create a new email address using the domain flash.co. Once you have successfully created your email address, you can proceed to update your existing email ID with the newly generated flash.co email ID. Alternatively, you can also create new accounts with this email ID.



how does flash co works

1. Create Flash.co Email ID

    • Download the Flash.co app.
    • Open the app and enter your mobile number. Verify your mobile number.
flash registration


    • Create a Flash.co email address.
flash email id creation


    • Confirm your email address.
flash email id creation


    • Bam! Your email is ready to use.

flash account ready



2. Sign up with Flash.co and Place an Order


Let’s take an example of Amazon.

To earn cashback with flash.co, you need to use this email ID on your existing Amazon account. You can go to your Amazon account and change your existing email to the newly created flash.co email.

how to use flashco email


You can create a new Amazon account with your flash.co email address.

Now place your order. Within the app, you can check your order status.  You will receive cashback in the form of coins upon delivery of the order.

1 coin is equal to 1 rupee, so the value of your coins will be the cashback amount you will receive in your bank account. For example, if you have 100 coins, you will receive 100 rupees in your bank account.

Benefits of using Flash.co

  1. Easily track your orders: One of the key benefits of using Flash.co is that you will receive all of your order status and promotional emails in one place. This means that you can easily remove promotional emails from your Gmail account, and you can find relevant shopping emails that you might not have seen otherwise.
  2. Earn Cashback on your online shopping: Flash.co partners with over 50 brands to offer cashback on your online shopping. You can earn cashback on a wide range of products.
  3. Get exclusive deals and offers: Flash.co offers exclusive deals and offers to its users. You can find discount coupons, and other promotional emails tailored for you.
  4. Easy to use: Flash.co is very easy to use. You can create a Flash.co email address in just a few minutes, and you can start earning cashback right away.


Q: How do I track My Flash.co cashback earnings?

A: Within the app, you can easily track your earnings under the Coins section in the top right corner. This section will show you how many coins you have earned, as well as how many coins you need to redeem for different rewards.


flash co coins


You can also see a breakdown of your earnings by brand, so you can see where you are earning the most coins. This information can help you to make informed decisions about where to shop in the future.

To track your earnings, simply open the app and click on the Coins section in the top right corner. You will then be able to see a breakdown of your earnings by brand.

Q: How do I withdraw my cashback?

With just a few taps, you can withdraw your earnings from Flash.co. You can withdraw them to your UPI ID. To do this, simply click on the Withdraw button in the Coins section of the app. You will then be prompted to enter your UPI ID and the amount of coins you want to withdraw.

Q. What is Flash.co?

Flash.co is a platform that provides you with a dedicated email address specifically for online shopping. You can use this email address instead of your personal email address on shopping websites like Amazon, Myntra, etc. This allows you to earn cashback on your purchases and keep your personal inbox free from spam.

Q. What are the benefits of using Flash.co?

  • Earn cashback on your online purchases.
  • Keep your personal inbox free from spam.
  • Enjoy a more streamlined shopping experience.
  • Track your spending and cashback earnings.
  • Discover exclusive deals and offers.

Q. How do I earn cashback?

Flash.co partners with various online stores to offer cashback rewards. When you make a purchase using this email address at a partnered store, the cashback is automatically applied and deposited into your account.

Q. How do I withdraw my cashback earnings?

Once you have accumulated a minimum amount of cashback, you can withdraw it to your bank account or transfer it to another wallet.

Q:Is Flash.co safe and secure?

Yes, Flash.co is a safe and secure platform. They use industry-standard security measures to protect your data and privacy.

Q. Do I have to pay any fees to use it?

No, signing up and using Flash.co is completely free. There are no hidden fees or charges.

Q. What if I have a question or need help?

Flash.co offers a comprehensive help center with answers to frequently asked questions. You can also contact their customer support team for further assistance.

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