Gullak Referral Code [26185S]: Get Free Gold Worth ₹1000

Gullak Referral Code – Do you want to get extra gold worth 1000 when you invest in the Gullak gold app?

Discover the step-by-step guide to earning free gold on the Gullak Gold app. Even if you missed using it during registration, worry not – you can still use it. Check out this article if you don’t know how to use it.

gullak referral code

How to Use Gullak Referral Code

You can use this code during registration, or if you missed it, you can still use it later by going to your profile and clicking on the Referral Code tab.”

Below are the steps to use Gullak referral code. By using this code, you will earn free Gold worth a minimum ₹50 when you invest in Gullak

Step 1: Register on the App

gullak login


gullak registration


When you are registering on the app, look for a field that allows you to enter a referral code. This might be labelled as a “Referral Code”.

Step 2: Visit Your Profile

If you’ve already registered, you can also use a referral code by going to your profile >> referral code.

Step 3: Click Referral Code

In your profile settings, you’ll find an option to “Referral Code“. Click on it to proceed.


gullak referral code


Step 4: Enter Referral Code

When you click on the referral code, it will ask you to enter the referral code you’ve received.


enter referral code


How to Get Free Gold worth ₹1000

gullak referral code benefits

  1. Enter the referral code and then 
    • If you invest above ₹3000 or 0.5gm, you will get ₹50.
    • If you invest above ₹30000 or 5gms in Gullak Gold, you will get ₹500.
    • If you invest above ₹60000 or purchase 10gm of Gullak Gold ₹1000.

Let me break this Gullak gold+ thing in Simple words….

For those unfamiliar, Gullak is a reputable platform that allows anyone over 18 to buy, sell, and invest in gold online, offering potential returns on their investments.

Beyond buying and selling, Gullak also allows you to lease your gold. Leasing your gold means renting it out to them in exchange for a guaranteed benefit. In return, it gives you a guaranteed 5% additional gold annually.

For example, if you buy 100 grams of gold and lease it for a year, you’ll receive 105 grams at the end of the period.

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1. What is Gullak App?

It is one of the trusted apps that allows you to invest in gold. The minimum quantity required to participate in Gold+ is 0.5 grams, and the maximum quantity is 250 grams. It is accredited by Oriental Insurance and NABL, and there is no lock-in period, so you can purchase, invest, and sell gold whenever you want.

2. What is Gullak Referral Code?

Gullak referral code is 26185S. 

3. Is Gullak app safe?

Gullak is safe and secure.  They use trusted partners like Paytm for payments, and the app was built by some of the same people who were the development BHIM. And it buys you gold from real 24K gold from Augmont, an NABL and BIS accredited company and a member of India Good Delivery standard on NSE, BSE and MCX.

4. How much you can invest in Gullak?

Minimum quantity required to participate in Gold+ is 0.5grams, and the maximum quantity is 250 grams.

5. What is Gullak Gold+?

Gullak Gold+ is a leasing program where you can lease the gold you purchase on Gullak app and earn returns every month. For example; if you invest in 100gm Gold, you will receive 105gm next year.

6. What is a transaction in Gullak Gold+?

The Gold that you buy on the Gullak app and through the Gullak app, you can lease your gold and earn 5% gold as an interest every year.

7. What is Gold in Gullak app?

Gullak allows you to invest in digital gold. You can only purchase and lend digital gold on this platform.

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