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The ongoing IPL 2023 presents an excellent opportunity to maximize your Paytm cashback earnings through the Paytm cricket league, which is a fun way to engage in fantasy games.

By participating in this league, you stand a chance to win Paytm cashback, as well as exciting rewards such as flight tickets, iPhones, and cashback worth thousands of rupees. So, seize this opportunity and make the most of it!

1. Paytm Cricket League 2023

Paytm cricket league 2023 has been ended. You can check Amazon quiz where you can get a chance to win exciting prizes daily.

As the IPL kicks off, Paytm has introduced the Paytm Cricket League to enhance your cashback rewards during this time. The concept of the Paytm Cricket League is simple and easy to play.

When you open the Paytm app, you will notice a banner for the Paytm Cricket League displayed prominently on the screen.

By clicking on the banner, you can enter the game and start earning runs.

This is the best time to switch to Paytm wallet for online transactions as it will earn run. Let’s have a look at how to play this league and win prizes.

2. How to Score Runs in Paytm Cricket League?

There are several ways to earn runs in the Paytm Cricket League

  • Making payments
  • Recharging your account
  • Conducting send money transactions
  • Transferring money via UPI

Method 1:

By choosing this Method to earn runs on Paytm cricket league, you can score runs more quickly. . For instance, you can earn 6 runs for activating Paytm Lite and 4 runs for sending money using UPI. This means that you can level up and unlock exciting rewards faster by opting this.

Activity Runs Earned
Login to Paytm cricket league 1 run daily
Lucky wheel 4 spins
Get 1 run from me Tap here

Every payment-related activity you perform during the Paytm Cricket League will earn you Paytm runs. You can also earn runs by scratching cards that may reveal a winning amount.

Aside from scratch cards, there are other ways to earn runs

Method 2:

This method of earning runs on Paytm cricket league is even simpler – all you need to do is visit the league every day to earn runs! That’s right, no need to make any transactions, just log in and visit the league to score runs.

Lucky Wheel: You will receive four spins daily to get runs free.

spin the wheel
spin the wheel

Magic Link: Share Paytm league magic link and when someone click the link, they will get 1 run and you will also get 1 run.

magic link

Daily Login Bonus: Login daily and click on daily login bonus to claim free run daily.

daily login
daily checkin

Attack and Win

By utilizing these different methods, you can maximize your runs and increase your chances of earning rewards.

3. Unlock Levels with Runs

Earning runs in the Paytm Cricket League can help you upgrade your level, and the higher your level, the better the rewards you can receive.

Score 50 to reach level 3

For instance, upon reaching Level 2, you could win a surprise reward. Reaching Level 2 will entitle you to a chance to win up to 500 Paytm cashback points or 1000 cashback and participate in the weekly lucky draw.

Score 100 to reach level 3

Upon reaching Level 3, you could win a chance to earn up to 1000 Paytm cashback points or a chance to win 1000 cashback.

Scrore 250 to reach level 4

Reaching Level 4 will entitle you to a chance to win up to 2500 Paytm cashback points or a chance to win 3000 cashback.

Scrore 500 to reach level 5

Reaching the highest level, Level 5, will entitle you to a chance to win up to 10,000 Paytm cashback points or even more exciting rewards like an iPhone or flight tickets.

How to Play Paytm Cricket league

To participate, please search for “Paytm Cricket League” within the Paytm app.

Where is Paytm cricket league?

You can find the Paytm Cricket League either in the featured section or by searching for it using the search bar.

What is validity of paytm cricket league 2023?

Paytm cricket leageu is Valid between 3rd-23rd April 2023.

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