Flipkart Game zone: Refer Friends on Flipkart video & win Gift voucher

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Flipkart gamezone, where you can earn SuperCoins, gift vouchers and various kinds of rewards by playing trivia and video quizzes. Download the Flipkart app further to start. Read this article, to know how to earn SuperCoins for free and win other kinds of rewards.

Before we start about Game zone let’s know about the SuperCoins first. SuperCoins– you have come across with these if you are a frequent shopper in Flipkart. They are used to get Flipkart plus membership and get discount while shopping. Apart from this, you can use these coins to get gift vouchers and premium subscriptions like Hotstar VIP/premium, PUBG free UCs and many other perks.

1. Refer & Earn

  • Go to Gamezone section
  • You will see this option
  • flipkart video

  • Get your link and share it with someone who have not played Flipkart video quizzes before
  • Upon 5 successful referral, you will get your rewards
  • Under this program, you may get Flipkart gift voucher & SuperCoins
  • The gift card you can directly use when purchasing products on Flipkart, however, Supercoins can be used to get the following rewards.

  1. To get Flipkart plus Membership (like Amazon prime service for faster delivery at zero cost) and shopping
  2. Brands’ Vouchers
  3. Gaana+ , Youtube Premium, Hotstar VIP/Premium, Zee5, Tinder, Zomato gold, and many more premium subscriptions
  4. Flipkart, Bookmyshow, Myntra and various brands’ e-gift vouchers
  5. PUBG mobile UC pack worth ₹799 free
  6. Times prime membership

2. Play and earn

Flipkart game zone, where you can play and win SuperCoins and gems(these gems can be converted to SuperCoins further) daily. In addition to this, you can win various types of rewards and gift vouchers.

Flipkart fake or not fake This is the best way to get SuperCoins daily. It is a small video quiz where you can earn supercoins. If you are looking for the Flipkart fake or not fake answers, you can check this page.

Flikart daily trivia quiz With this quiz,you can win gems and SuperCoins daily. All you need to answer the 5 questions to get your prize. Check Flipkart daily trivia quiz answers here.

Apart from these, there are other quizzes that you can see there and win prizes, supercoins, and gems daily.

Play and earn SuperCoins

By playing quizzes on Flipkart, you can earn around 500 SuperCoins every month and redeem to get exciting rewards like OTTs’ subscription, Flipkart plus membership, PUBG free UCs, etc. This is a legit way to earn SuperCoins free on Flipkart. By spending around 10-15 minutes daily playing quizzes, you do not only get free coins, but also gift vouchers, smartphones, and other gadgets.

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