Simple Tasks, Big Payouts: How Google Task Mate Works

Task Mate invitation code , Task Mate referral code – Earn money through your smartphone doing a simple task. Google is testing “Task Mate ” app, a crowdsourcing app that will help Indian users earn money by doing simple tasks like; taking photos of shopfronts, answering survey questions, transcribing, speaking the recorded sentences, and so on.

taskmate app

It’s like Google opinion rewards but with a key difference that you will find different kinds of tasks along with surveys, and get paid in local currency (INR) for the tasks you complete. While Google opinion rewards app offers only play store credits.

Since it is in the “testing phase”, it is available to select users who have been invited via invitation code. You can download this app if you have a “Task Mate referral code” to start further.

Task Mate Invitation code

As of now there is not invitation code for Task Mate available as Invitation has been sent by Google exclusively for few people in a bid to test this app before it will release for public. Don’t use fake referral code being shared by peeole all around.

According to official report by Google, the inviation program is closed now as it is in development stage. Once the public version is announced, you will be able to use this app. So, please wait for the official relases which might be announced soon.

Task Mate Invitation code India

Google has sent an invitation to a few Indian users and as of now, the invitation is closed. Once the invitation program is open for all, we will update the Task Mate invitation code here.

Task Mate Invitation Code Available Soon

Tasks on Task Mate app

taskmate app

You can participate in tasks that you are interested in, or choose to skip tasks. Tasks can be completed any time, from anywhere.

1. Surveys

You probably have participated in the paid surveys, where companies pay you for taking surveys.

2. Sitting tasks

Sitting tasks like recording audios, transcribing, translating sentences to local languages and so on.

taskmate app
taskmate app

3. Field tasks

In a bid to improve its mapping services, build AI more efficiently and advanced, you may get tasks like taking pictures of shops, visit nearby stores and go to locations shown in pins and take a photo, etc.

taskmate app

4. Payment

For the task you complete, you will be paid in local currency (INR) and you will need to third party payment account (it might support Paytm, UPI payment). With linking e-wallets in app, you can withdraw cash by simply tapping on “Cash out” under profile section.

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