PUBG Free UC websites – Legit or Scam?

pubg free uc hack

PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale games in current time. It offers amazing battle experience with jaw-dropping graphics and stunning visuals.

Also, it has a shop feature where you can purchase various kinds of guns’ skins, outfits and royale pass by using UC, PUBG’s in-game currency, also known as Unknown Cash.

Consequently, a number of players try to use some hack or visit PUBG free UC websites to get skins and UC without spending a single penny. But, do you know that might end up losing your account ownership by using these websites. You need to understand, there is nothing free on the internet.

You might have seen free UC ads or heard of such websites offering free UC. Are they legit or scam?

Being a server-sided game, breaking in-app purchases in PUBG is almost impossible until you hack into their server. So, it’s a total waste of time to try these hacks.

Are they real or fake?

What about websites that offer free UC? All of them are fake that ask your account details for free UC.

These websites are purposely made by scammers to gain access to your account. Once you submit the login details and game credentials, they take out your ownership and sell your account for 5$/10$ depending on your stats.

You might have seen telegram accounts selling PUBG accounts.

Have you ever thought about how they get that account? They take from someone and re-sell to others.

You May Lose your Account

When they use some kind of hack to your account you might lose your account. From time-to-time PUBG upgrades its anti-hack system to detect suspicious or unethical purchases or activities by players. As a result, sooner or later, you are going to get banned for years.

You share your Social Media Accounts

Many of you probably have linked PUBG with your Facebook or Twitter account. So, when you use these scam websites for the sake of free UCs, you end up providing your social account details as well with your game credentials.

PUBG free UC hack is Scam

As said earlier, until you get into their server and make changes there (that’s likely not possible) there are no other legit ways for this.

On the whole, never try to enter your gaming credentials for these cheap tricks. You will not only lose your ownership over the account, but also, your account may get banned.

When buying UC always verify the source and website authenticity first. You can buy UC from the official website or make an in-game purchase which is the most authentic and safe way to protect your account.

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