OnePlus Quiz Answers for Red Cable Club Users

oneplus red cable quiz answers

If you own a OnePlus smartphone, head over to the settings and create an account on OnePlus (if you haven’t already). Doing so will make you a OnePlus Red Cable Club member. And you will unlock a range of exciting benefits. One perk is earning free RedCoins, which you can redeem for various gifts offered by OnePlus.

Let’s delve into this month’s Red Cable Quiz, your chance to win free RedCoins! These quizzes appear periodically, so keep an eye on Tricksszone for the next one.


OnePlus Quiz Answers for Red Cable Users

The Red Cable Quiz is a simple way to explore your OnePlus device and win cool stuff. Just open the Red Cable Club app on your OnePlus phone and answer some easy questions – no tech jargon involved! I’ll list down red cable quiz answers below to help you complete the quiz in one go.

RCC Weekly Quiz

OnePlus Easy Upgrades Quiz

What all offers are applicable while purchasing under the OnePlus Easy Upgrades program

All of the above

From where can you buy OnePlus devices under Easy Upgrades?

Both of the above

Exchange of your device and applicable exchange bonus can not be availed while purchasing a device under OnePlus Easy upgrades


What happens when I return my Easy Upgrades device before 18 months?

Receive assured value and EMI continues

The OnePlus Easy Upgrades program is available exclusively to which bank customers?


OnePlus Anniversary Quiz Answers

1. Which processor is used in the OnePlus Nord CE3 with tons of power?
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 782G
2. The OnePlus Nord CE3 brings ICE 2.0 to help you shoot clear, high-detail photos with less blurring.
3. To get the best touch experience while gaming, the OnePlus Nord 3 has…
All of the above
4. Nord CE3 has a built-in IR remote that can run everything from your TV to your air conditioner.
5. The Accu-spectrum Light-color identifier allows you to…
Take color-accurate photos
6. The gray variant of the OnePlus Nord CE3 Lite is called…
Chromatic gray
7. How many Android and security patch updates do you get on a OnePlus Nord 3?
3 Android updates and 4 years of security
8. The Nord CE3 has a TUV SUD 48-month Fluency Rating ‘A’ certification.
9. For fast charging & a long-lasting battery, the OnePlus Nord 3 has…
10. The green variant of the OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite is called…
Pastel lime

1. What is Red Cable in Oneplus?

Think of Red Cable as a way for OnePlus to thank its loyal fans and make their experience even more rewarding. It’s a fun and engaging way to interact with the brand and get rewarded for your passion for OnePlus products.

2. How can I participate in Red Cable Quizzes?

To participate, simply open the Red Cable Club app on your OnePlus phone and go to the “Weekly Quiz” section. You’ll be presented with a series of questions to answer.

3. How many chances do I have to answer the quiz questions?

You’re usually given 2 or 3 attempts to answer the quiz questions correctly. If you don’t succeed on your first try, you can still try again.

4. What kind of prizes can I win in Red Cable Quizzes?

Prizes can vary, but they often include RedCoins (which you can redeem for discounts and other rewards), exclusive merchandise, early access to new products, and invitations to special events.

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