Intermiles quiz answers: 1st October – 6th October 2020| Win Miles

Intermiles weekly quiz, from 1st October – 6th October is live on Intemiles app. Find out the Intermiles quiz answers for this week and win free miles. You can find this quiz on Intemiles app under quiz-a-thon.

Intermiles quiz answers today- check out the answer for this week’s intemiles quiz here.

Intermiles quiz

Intemiles quiz answers: 1st October – 6th October 2020

Who holds the record for highest number of hat-tricks in ODIs for India?

Kuldeep yadav

Which is the only other bowleer apart from Jim laker to have taken 10 wickets in an innings in a test match?

Anil Kumble

Which player holds the record for the fastest fifty in IPL?

KL rahul

How many ODI world cup has Sachin Tendulkar played?


Which player scored the first IPL century?

Brendon McCullum

What is the slang term givn to a bll that is bowled so well that it is considered unplayable by the batsman?


Intermiles Quiz-a-thon

  • Who participates in the Inter Miles quiz and get equal to or more than 50% of the answers right, stand a chance to win Bonus InterMiles.
  • Bonus Miles will be awarded to eligible members within 3 days of successfully completing the quiz.
  • Members can earn InterMiles per quiz played only once per membership account.

To play the quiz:

  • A person needs to be an Inter Miles member.
  • A person needs to have the Inter Miles mobile app installed.
  • A person needs to be signed into your Inter Miles membership account on the mobile application and make sure that the push notifications are enabled on the mobile app.

To earn Bonus Inter Miles:

  • For each quiz, if a member gets more than 50% answers right, such a member will win 50 Bonus Inter Miles, per quiz.
  • For each quiz, if a member gets exact 50% answers right, such a member will win 25 Bonus InterMiles per quiz.
  • For each quiz, if a member gets less than 50% answers

About Intermiles

Intermiles, a loyality program by Jet privilage, that lets you earn miles (a promotional balance) that can be redeemed to get rewards like Amazon gift card, Flipkart, Bookmyshow, Shopperstop, and Zee5 premimum subscription. Intermiles Quiz-a-thon ( a weekly quiz) is a best way to obtain these miles for free.

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