Paypal Sending 2$ discount Voucher! Check your MailBox Now!

paypal offer

❝It’s been a while since you’ve last used PayPal and we want to give you something to welcome you back. Here’s a US$2 voucher* to spend at any merchant that accepts PayPal. Simply click “Redeem” and save the voucher to your PayPal account. ❞ – I have received an email from Paypal, today.

Paypal is sending this offer, however, it is not confirmed whether it is user specific or for all users, you can head to mailbox for this offer. However, there is a catch – this is valid only on purchases made on merchant sites that accept payment in USD.

Paypal free discount voucher

  • Check your email, search for Paypal
  • Open the congratulatory email by Paypal
  • Click on save voucher and login to PayPal account
  • Upon saving the voucher go to merchant page thst accepts Paypal as a payment option
  • Make order and proceed to payment page
  • Select the Paypal and the voucher will be redeemed automatically
  • If the amount is greater than ₹200, pay the remaining amount

Terms & conditions

  1. This offer is valid till 24th September.
  2. US$5 minimum spend is required to redeem this voucher.
  3. Eligible only for purchases made on merchant sites that accept payment in USD.
  4. This offer is valid for original recipients of this email on a first come – first served basis.

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