Walk Club App – How to Use It? Walk and Earn Free Recharge & Rewards

In this blog post, we will talk about how to use Walk Club app, Walk Club referral code and how to redeem rewards and earn prepaid recharge voucher by walking. Read on below.

I suggest checking out this app to see how much you can potentially earn through it. Apart from the incentive of earning eggs, the app also promotes healthy activity which is a priceless gift in itself.

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1. What is a Walk Club App

So this application pays you when you walk! And easy to use, all you need to is download, register and verify yourself to start earning.

Walk Club is an application that rewards you for walking, available for Android users for now. Walk Club is a fitness app that promotes walking, jogging and running and gives rewards in the form of eggs. These eggs are the in-app rewards that you can trade to get USDT or prepaid recharge.

It also features exchange to get USDT, markets to redeem rewards, leaderboards, and profiles.

The exchange and market section for redeeming rewards while leaderboard features ranking.

Under the profile section, you can check your personal information, referred friends, change passwords and learn more about the app.

2. How to Start Using Walk Club App


  • You can download the app by clicking on this link, and once the download is complete, simply launch the app.
  • To begin the registration process, open the app and provide your basic information such as your Name, Email ID, and Phone number. Additionally, make sure to enter the Walk Club referral code 6RGZ before completing the sign-up process.
  • By applying the referral code, you may receive bonus rewards. The exact amount of the bonus rewards are subject to change as the referral program is periodically updated, and therefore cannot be specified.
  • After successfully completing the registration process, the next step is you have to verify so you can get a pair of shoes in app to start earning rewards. It is important to complete the verification process, as without it, you will not be eligible to receive eggs for walking. Therefore, verification is a necessary step to commence earning rewards.


  • Now click on the “step record” button, which will prompt you to “scan to claim”.
  • walk club verificiation and scan

  • Once the verification process is finished, you will receive a set of sneakers. You can swipe through and view the sneakers.
  • walk club sneakers
  • Upon successful verification, you will be all set to start earning in-app rewards in the form of eggs.

Walk and Earn

Walk at least 2000 steps or more, and you will be able to claim your eggs. Upon completing the steps, you will notice that “claim reward” is now activated. Click on claim reward.

walk club claim

You have the option to trade the eggs you have earned for USDT, or alternatively, you can redeem them for a prepaid mobile voucher.

Claim Reward

In order to claim your rewards, you have two options available to you. The first is to sell your earned eggs in exchange for USDT, a type of cryptocurrency or you can get a prepaid mobile recharge voucher by visiting the market.

Go to market >> flash sale/market to claim recahrge.

walk club recharge

You have the option to use eggs to purchase sneakers, and the higher the level of the sneakers, the greater the rewards you can receive. To view the available sneakers, simply click on the “sneaker” section on the homepage. Please note that unverified users will need to complete the verification process before being able to access the sneaker section.

It is recommended that you use the app first to familiarize yourself with its features and functions. If you have any queries or questions and are unable to understand anything, you can contact the support team or leave a comment here for further assistance. I will be happy to guide you in case you encounter any issues while using the app.

3. What are eggs

Eggs can be regarded as an in-app currency that can be used to earn various rewards, including:

  1. USDT (cryptocurrency) from the exchange.
  2. Prepaid recharge vouchers for Jio, Airtel, and VI from the market section.
  3. Sneakers that are available within the app.

4. Walk Club Flash Sale

  1. The flash sale comes at 8PM where you can even redeem 0.26 eggs for Rs.10 recharge. Users who are in level 1 or above can avail this benefit.
  2. Walk club flash sale section is now udpated with newly added rewards. And now you can claim big rewards such as smartphone, AC, Fridge, TV, bike.
  3. walk club flash sale

  4. You can earn more by reaching level 2. To reach level 2, you need to invite at least 2 users. Rs.50 recharges are available for Level 2+ users.
  5. Eggs can be used to buy more Shoes (Shoes are used to get more Eggs/day)

5. How to get a Prepaid recharge voucher?

To earn a prepaid recharge, it is necessary to invite a minimum of two users to the app, which will help you reach level 2. Once you reach level 2, you will be eligible to redeem the rewards. Therefore, inviting at least two users is crucial to earning a prepaid recharge on this app.

6. How to withdraw money in the Walk Club app?

To withdraw money, you need to go to exchange, click on sell and enter the unit price (keep it at market price) and quantity. For example, if you have 5 eggs you can enter quantity 5 or less. You will see total amount you receive after selling. Click confirm.

walk club withdrawal

Now you have sold your eggs. It will appear here.

walk club withdrawl

Though you cannot withdraw less than ₹500 or 10 USDT so you need to ensure that you have sufficient amount to withdraw. If you have, just click Wihtdraw and redeem your earning.

If you withdraw INR, enter your bank account details, while if you want USDT (which is a crypto currency), you will be required to enter wallet address.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Walk Club Safe?

There is no harm in using the app without investing money, especially considering that it promotes healthy habits which are priceless. Additionally, the app is completely safe to use. While it is still new.

What is minimum Withdrawal Amount?

You can withdraw minimum 10USDT or 500 INR.

What is Active%?

If your activity percentage is 1, you can expect to earn approximately 0.29 eggs per day. However, if your activity percentage increases to 2, your daily egg earnings will also increase proportionally to 0.58 eggs. The more active%, the more you wil earn daily.

How to maximize earning in Walk Club?

To maximize your earnings on this app, you can refer your friends and upgrade in-app sneakers.

What are benefits of Walk Club Referral Program?

  • Verify to reach level 2
  • Invite 2 users to reach level 2
  • Invite 4 users to reach level 3
  • Invite 40 users to reach level 4
  • Invite 100 users to reach level 5

Upgrading to a higher level offers the advantage of reducing transaction fees when selling eggs for USDT. For instance, if you are currently at level 1, you will be charged a 50% sale fee, whereas at level 3, the fee decreases to 30%. As you progress to level 5, the fee significantly lowers. Therefore, upgrading levels can provide you with the benefit of reduced sale fees.

What is Walk Club referral program?

  • As a user, you have the opportunity to increase your earnings by referring new users to the platform.
  • For every successful referral, you will receive a 0.05% active bonus, which will be added to your daily earnings.
  • This means that the more active referrals you have, the higher your daily earnings will be.
  • Your active percentage refers to the percentage of your total earnings that come from your active referrals.
  • For example, if your active percentage is 2, you will earn twice as much as your total earnings from your active referrals. If your active percentage is 3, you will earn three times as much as your total earnings from your active referrals.
  • To increase your active percentage, you will need to refer new users to the platform.
  • Each successful referral will not only increase your active percentage but also your level on the platform.
  • So, start referring and watch your earnings grow!

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