Best Survey Sites to Earn Paytm Cash in India

There are many platform where you can get paid for survey in India. In this article, we will list down Indian survey earn money websites that you should check if you looking for the methods to make side income without any investment.


top paying survey apps


Though paid surveys are mind-draining, you will not enjoy sharing same opinion again-and-again and getting rejected in most surveys (it’s very common) the best part is that it is a simplest way to make money. You don’t need to have particular academic skills or certification to participate in surveys.


Top Indian Survey Sites to Earn Paytm Cash

Would you be interested in making money by sharing your opinions with major corporations? If you have spare time on your hands, you can earn gift vouchers and Paytm cash for sharing your opinion.


While it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, you won’t be making a substantial amount of money either. However, you can earn a monthly income ranging from INR 2000 to 5000.


    • Quick Earnings with Less Effort

There are many ways to make money online, such as blogging, affiliate marketing, and freelancing. However, these methods do not offer quick cash.

On the other hand, online surveys offer quick earnings with less effort. On average, you can redeem your earnings daily or weekly with survey sites. Although the earnings are small, the payout is quick.


    • How to Make Money with Surveys

Each survey panel has a limited number of surveys based on your profile. Therefore, you cannot earn a lot from a single website. To earn a good amount of money, register with more than 5 survey panels.

To earn more money with surveys, you can register with 4-5 survey panels. Since you cannot make enough money with a single survey, you need to sign up for 4-5 legitimate survey sites that pay cash in India. By doing so, you will likely receive 4-5 surveys daily or weekly via SMS or email.


Tip: Do not rush through the questions without reading them carefully. This could result in your account being banned or your points being deducted. When answering, make sure you are providing correct and honest answers.


Below is a list of top survey websites that rewards you for sharing your opinions. These platforms offer the option to redeem your rewards in the form of Paytm cash and gift vouchers.


Best Indian Survey Sites to Earn Money

1. YouGov



Get cash for taking surveys YouGov is awesome. It’s super easy to participate, and their surveys are well-organized and quick – usually just around 10-15 minutes each. You will not get bored with Yougov’s survey.
They’re the best because they offer Paytm and other gift vouchers for Indian users, and you can also access it from various countries. It’s a fantastic survey site to join and earn gift vouchers by simply attending surveys.



yougov rewards


  • First, visit YouGov
  • Select your region, if you select wrong region, the redemption option will be different.
  • Once you’ve selected your region, provide your age, email address, and other necessary information to register.
  • Verify your email address and start taking surveys instantly.
  • As a welcome bonus, you’ll receive 25 points upon registration.


  • Share your opinion and earn Flipkart gift voucher.
  • Short surveys in around 10 minutes on average.
  • Offers Paytm and other gift vouchers for Indian users.
  • Available in various countries.
  • Trusted and popular plaform


2. Crownit

crownit survey


This survey site is awesome. They actually pay you for every survey you finish. And guess what? Once you’re done, you can directly get the money in your Paytm wallet. That’s all there is to it. Not only do they pay you for each survey you complete, but the rewards are seriously awesome. You can earn anywhere from 150rs to 300rs for simple surveys.




If you’re looking for the best survey site to earn Paytm cash in India, this one is perfect for you. Not only do they offer awesome rewards for simple surveys (up to ₹150-300),but they also send surveys via SMS, so you don’t have to keep checking your email inbox all the time. By investing just 30-45 minutes daily, you can make around ₹500-₹1000 per month. It’s a fantastic way to earn some extra cash thorugh surveys. Check out this link for earning proof. Happy earning!


  • Paytm cash for each survey.
  • No minimum redemption required.
  • Offers Paytm and other gift vouchers for Indian users.
  • Application and webstie available.
  • Survey notification via SMS.


3. Attapol[App]



Attapol,It’s one of the highest-rated survey apps on PlayStore that pays you real dollars for participating in surveys. One can easily earn money by completing surveys and then cash out your earnings through PayPal. So, if you’re into making money on your smartphone and love taking surveys, just look up Attapol and start earning. The minimum amount you can cash out is $3.



  • Earn real cash with surveys.
  • Referral program for extra earnings.
  • Short and quick surveys.
  • Redeem earning into Paypal.


4. Swagbucks

swagbucks survey


Swagbucks is one of the best survey sites out there. You can you earn SB by participating in activities like surveys, daily polls, and app downloads,trying out new apps and registering on websites. And you can redeem your bucks for awesome rewards like Paytm cash, Flipkart vouchers, Amazon gift cards, and more. So, if you’re looking for the top survey site that offers a variety of earning opportunities and amazing rewards, Swagbucks is the way to go.



  • Redeem SB for gift cards or cash.
  • Referral program for extra earnings.
  • Website and app for easy access.
  • Regular bonus promotions and discounts.
  • Available in multiple countries.


6. IndiaSpeaks

indiaspeaks survey


IndiaSpeaks is a reliable platform where you can take surveys and get free Paytm cash in return. They have loads of surveys every month, so you can make some good money. Just remember, it takes about 4-6 days for the rewards to get redeemed. For each survey you do, you’ll score anywhere from 20 to 200 points (and 1 point equals ₹1). Once you hit ₹200 worth of points, you can cash out.



  • Easy and user-friendly participation.
  • Chance to win Ipod, mobile, LED,laptop
  • Offers Paytm and other gift vouchers for Indian users.
  • Available in various countries, making it accessible globally.
  • Register and earn gift vouchers by taking part in surveys.



India speaks reward
India speaks reward


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