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Earn With Google Pay Cashback Campaigns

Google Pay often runs cashback campaigns such as Stamp Collection, Go India, and Kite Rush. During these campaigns, you can earn big rewards by completing simple tasks, such as making payments at participating merchants or completing all levels of a campaign. You have more chances to earn cashback during campaigns than at other times of the year, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Collect Shaguns & Get ₹501 Cashback

To participate in this campaign, you need to collect 501 shaguns by November 20, 2023. You can earn shaguns by playing quizzes, making recharge and sending money transactions. Once you’ve successfully collected 501 shagans, you’ll get a scratch card. With this scratch card, you’ll have the opportunity to earn ₹501 cashback.

Methods to earn Shaguns

  1. Play MYGLAMM quiz(answer: Myglamm super serum range)
  2. Play Kotak 811 quiz(answer: all of the above)
  3. Rummy circle quiz(answer: 13 cards)
  4. Play OneCard quiz(answer: metal)
  5. Play Samsung quiz
  6. Play pay with Visa Quiz (answer: both)
  7. Play Organic Harvest Game
  8. Get free 80 shaguns by inviting friends, , get free Shaguns by clicking here
  9. Scan and pay merchants nearby(minimum ₹30)
  10. Recharge your mobile and get up to 50 shaguns(minimum ₹30)
  11. Activate UPI Lite payments(make 4 payments, minimum ₹30/each)
  12. Send money to friends(minimum ₹150)
  13. Pay bills and make transactions

Gpay Tez Shots: Earn up to ₹650

google pay tez shots

Google Pay Tez Shots is one of the easiest ways to earn at least ₹100 cashback, or even ₹500. All you need to do is hit 20 sixes. And bingo, you will earn a scratch card with an assured minimum cashback of ₹10 and a maximum of up to ₹500.

To participate in this campaign, visit this link and hit as many as sixes to earn cashback. All you need to hit sixes if you are out, you need start again. Try to hit as many as sixes possible in one go to rank and win assure cashback.

Top 1000 players earn ₹500 every week. You can get booster for extra chances.

How to Earn Cashback

  1. Hit 10 sixes and earn between ₹10 – ₹50 cashback when you score 6 runs
  2. Hit 20 sixes and earn between ₹20- ₹100 cashback
  3. Rank in top 1000 and win ₹500 cashback.

Google Pay fun zone: Make 3 Payment & Win up to ₹401 Cashback

Google Pay has introduced an exciting campaign within the Festival City, and it is set to end on October 30th. To take part and secure assured cashback between ₹40 to ₹401, you must complete three distinct transactions through Google Pay. To participate in the campaign, simply click on ‘Festival City’ and then the ‘Specials’ section.

To qualify for the cashback, follow these steps:

  • Spend a minimum of ₹200 on DTH recharge.
  • Make a minimum online transaction.
  • Purchase a Google Pay recharge.

Google Pay Shop & Pay Hunt

This campaign is live until October 15, 2023. To participate, open the Google Pay app and look for Google Pay Shop and Pay Hunt. Collect 5 coins by making payments, inviting friends to join the campaign, and making online payments with Google Pay. Once you have collected all 5 coins, you will receive a scratch card that you can redeem for a chance to win up to ₹200 cashback.

Google Pay Kite Rush

Google Pay is running a Kite Fest promotion where users can earn ₹100 cashback by collecting and flying virtual kites within the Google Pay app. The festival is available until August 21st.

To participate, users need to open the Google Pay app and click on the Kite Fest banner. This will take them to a virtual sky where they can collect kites by completing various challenges. Once they’ve gathered 200 kites, they will receive ₹100 cashback.

There are two primary ways to collect kites:

  1. Play the “Kite Rush” game to earn kites, with an additional 5 bonus kites for participating in the campaign.
  2. Request assistance from friends, who can send you kites or play the Kite Rush game with you to help you accumulate kites.

Google Pay Go India Champion Reward Campaign

Google Pay has introduced a new campaign called “Go India Champion Reward,” allowing users to earn cashback by collecting tickets in the Google Pay app. To participate, users need to open the Google Pay app. Visit the Promotion section, and select “Go India.”

Users will receive two free tickets to travel to cities. To gather more tickets, they can:

Request them from friends or share Go India photos or maps or make recharges or bill payments or pay via UPI.

You can earn free ticket by sharing a map or photo can earn a free travel ticket.

Users must visit all cities on the map by November 25, 2020, to earn the Go India Champion Reward, which is worth ₹101-501.

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