Paytm Online KYC Trick: Receive Pending Cashback to Your Paytm Accounts

Recently I won some amount on Qureka app that I transferred to my Paytm wallet. But I found that the transferred money did not credit to my account. After investigating I came across that my Paytm account needs mini KYC, else the cashback will not be added. As a result, I invested my time to search Paytm mini KYC trick to get my pending cash back into my account.

With this trick, you will not have to search Paytm KYC near me as mini KYC could be completed without visiting KYC centres.

paytm mini kyc

Since you need to have mini KYC to get the promotional cashback into Paytm wallet. Do you have a pending cashback that you didn’t receive to your Paytm wallet? Here is trick to complete Paytm KYC online without AADHAR/PAN/PASSPORT details.

  • This trick could be blocked anytime.
  • If you have origional documents then it is advised to do KYC with real documents
  • If you have many accounts then you can use this trick.

Mini KYC benefits:

  1. You could receive upto Rs.10000 monthly.
  2. Pay to any merchant online and offline
  3. Make payment on websites where Paytm is accepted as payment option

First trick

  1. Open Paytm app and tap on profile
  2. You would see ❝KYC pending❞ option
  3. Click on Complete KYC and proceed to next page
  4. You would be asked to choose a document for verification
  5. Choose NREGA Card and enter the 8528648017494916947465XXXXX(replace the last last XXXXX with any random numbers)
  6. Enter your name and now mini KYC is done.
  7. You will recieve cashback within a few minutes upon completing mini KYC.

Second trick

  1. Go to KYC option in Paytm
  2. Select Voter card to start KYC
  3. Check your voter ID number format (first 3 letters followed by 8 number characters like XYZ123*****)
  4. Enter the random letters and random number to make voter ID format
  5. Submit the random ID and now your KYC is done.
  6. You can google fake ID card for verification.

Paytm KYC verification at Home

We have mentioned some working tricks to complete the mini KYC at Paytm to get your pending cashback in case you have entered the secondary number somewhere.

One you complete the mini KYC, you can pay the wallet money to shops near you, online merchants, friends, etc. There is many apps where you can make free Paytm money by playing games, quizzes and watching videos.

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