What is PVR Privilage Program? Know About the Benefits of PVR Privilage Program

PVR – India’s leading multiplex chain has started a new loyalty program to attract more and more customers. You might have seen PVR privilage posters inside the theatre or website. But, do you know what actually this program is? What are the benefits of this program?

Below, we are going to explain about the PVR privilage program to help you know about this program.

What is PVR privilage program?

This is a loyalty program aims to attract customer by providing points when they make a transaction on the PVR platform. Every time, you will receive points on making a transaction at PVR that you can redeem on future transactions.

Is PVR privilage program is free?

Yes! It is a completely free program and you don’t need to spend a penny. Just ask the representative during the ticket purchase to enroll you on the program or follow the below procedure to enroll online.

How to Enroll on PVR Privilage Prgram?

  • Login to PVR account
  • Now, go to this link and click on Join Now
  • Bingo! Now, you are a PVR privilage Member.

Additional Details

  • You will get 5 points on each transaction (movie tickets, food & beverages) of ₹100 on PVR platform.
  • After Earning 50 points, you will receive a voucher for the amount.
  • You can redeem the voucher on the future transactions for the movie tickets & beverage purchases
  • Along with this, you will receive birthday bonuses, combo upgrades on F&B spends.

So, if you frequently visit the PVR cinemas, then privilage program helps save you money. Along with this, they are currently offering “free popcorn tub” for every new users.

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