What is OYO Money & How to Use it in 2024: An Ulimate Guide

This article covers how to use OYO money and assosiated terms with OYO money such how much you can use per transaction and if you can use it fully or transfer it to bank account? From earning through to redeeming, we have got you covered. We will cover everything from OYO money usage to its benefits.

What is OYO Money

You might have received OYO money upon registration on OYO or might have earned through referral program. OYO money is digital currency provided by OYO which can be used on OYO booking. Whenever you book a OYO hotel, you can use it. But not fully! You can think as discount vouchers. Everytime when you make booking, you can partially use it to get additional discount.

How Much OYO Money Can Be Used In a Single Booking?

OYO offers a benefit where customers can utilize 25% of their booking amount or up to ₹5000, whichever is lower, as OYO money. For example, if the booking amount is ₹1000, you can use ₹250 as OYO money. However, if the booking amount exceeds ₹20,000, the maximum amount of OYO money that can be utilized will be capped at ₹5000.

How to Use OYO Money

To redeem OYO money, you can use the OYO app or website to book a hotel. During the checkout process, you’ll have the option to use your OYO money

How to Earn OYO Money

You can earn OYO money by referring to your friends. here’s how you can refer it to earn free OYO money .

Oyo refer & Earn

Oyo Refer & Earn

  • Download Oyo app from play store
  • Register on Oyo and find your referral code from Invite & Earn page
  • Share your code with your friends, family, and groups using Whatsapp or any other medium of your choice
  • If anybody signs up using your code or by clicking on the link in your message, you will receive OYO Money on their sign-up. Your friends/contacts will also receive OYO Money on sign-up!

How to Use full OYO money

You can use up to 25% of your booking amount with OYO money. For example, if you have ₹1000 in OYO money and make a ₹4000 booking, you’ll be able to use the full ₹1000

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