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apollo quiz answers

Find out Apollo quiz answers in one place. If you participate in Apollo quizzes, you get a chance to earn free Apollo health credits. These credits can be used at Apollo stores around you and online. If you don’t know about these credits, check this article to learn more about Apollo health credits.

When it comes to Apollo quizzes, they offer a way to earn free credits. For each quiz you successfully complete, you earn free coins.

Apollo Quiz Answers

If you’re not familiar, Apollo conducts various quizzes on different topics to educate you and help you earn free credits. These quizzes typically consist of five questions that you need to successfully answer within a given timeframe.

You can find all the answers in one place. Take a look at the quizzes below and find the answers to the respective quizzes.

Back Pain Management Quiz

1. Which of these is recommended by experts to tackle back pain?

Going for a short walk

2. Which of these contributes to back pain?


3. To lower the risk of back pain, experts advise staying away from:

All of the above

4. Strengthening your core can help alleviate back pain


5. Which of the following is needed to maintain a healthy spine?


Apollo Skin and Hair Care quiz

1. Which of these causes acne?

All of the above

2. Which of the following is recommended to prevent dry skin?

Using a humidifier

3. Brushing hair vigorously helps stimulate hair growth.


4. Which of these helps prevent wrinkles?

Applying sunscreen

5. Which of the following is essential for healthy hair growth?


Quiz Challenge on Seasonal Flu

1. Which of the following causes influenza(flu)?


2. Which of these of symptoms of seasonal flu?

All of the above

2. You can spread the flu to others before you have symptoms.


4. Which of these are used to treat seasonal flu?

All of the above

5. The flu is typically spread through coughs and/or sneezes.


Managing Diabetes During the Festivals Quiz Answers

1. Diabetics should check their blood sugar more often during festivals.


2. It is okay to skip your medications or insulin occasionally during festivals


3. People with diabetes should limit their intake of sugary foods during festivals.


4. Alcohol can be freely consumed by diabetics at festival events


5. People with diabetes should stick to their physical activity routine to offset the calories.


Heart Health Quiz

1. All fats are bad for health?


2. People with heart disease should avoid exercising?


3. The benefit of quitting smoking starts within 20 minutes of quitting?


Quiz on Headaches

1. Which among the following triggers headaches?

All of the above

2. Daily medication can help prevent migraines.


3. Which is the most common migraine symptom?

Pain on one side of the head

4. If a family member has migraines, you’re more likely to get them.


5. Which of following works well as treatment for occasional headaches?


Constipation Management Apollo Quiz

1. A fiber-rich diet helps with smooth digestion


2. Reducing alcohol intake lowers the odds of constipation


3. The first step to tackle constipation is to use an over-the-counter laxative


4. Depression can trigger constipation


5. Having less than 2 bowel movements a week is a symptom of constipation


Healthy Eating Quiz

Eating too much oily food may lead to:

D) All of the above

Which of the following foods is NOT considered healthy?

c) Potato Chips

Which is the most important meal of the day?

c) Breakfast

Which of these is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids?

D) All of the above

Which of these will provide you with the most energy?

A) Whole grain Cereals

apollo quiz congratulations

If you’re interested in participating in the quiz and earning HC credits, here’s how you can get started:

  1. Download the Apollo app from the official app store.
  2. Access the quiz directly within the app or through the provided link below.
  3. Answer the questions related to health.
  4. Complete all the questions correctly to qualify for HC credits.

What is Apollo Quiz?

Apollo Quiz is the best way to earn Apollo Health Credits (HC). You can use these health credits to make offline payments at Apollo stores. Each time you participate, you will earn 25 health credits with limited validity for redemption. Join these quizzes and earn free credits.

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