Trick to collect 5 Stamps to Get ₹251 on Google Pay

Nowadays,G-Pay stamps are everywhere! Google pay is offering free ₹251 to all users and all you need to do is collect the stamps. 


If you don’t know how to get the stamps or what are the stamps then no need to worry, we will discuss it in the following write up.



Google pay stamp

Google pay has added a new promotional offer under “reward” section. There you will find 5 types of stamps;


  • Jhumka 
  • Flower
  • Diya 
  • Lantern
  • Rangoli 



Methods to Collect Google Pay Stamps 

You can collect all above-mentioned stamps by making transaction on google pay it could be a send money transaction, recharge, bill payment transactions and etc. 

Apart from this, you can also get these stamps by exchanging stamps with each other.


Send money to friends or make a recharge or bill payment of minimum ₹35 to get a stamp, you will receive a random stamp. 


Once you collect all the 5 stamps, you will eligible for the ₹251 cashback. Now this offer has been extended till 11th November, 2019.

Every time you will receive a random stamp by exchanging the stamps.

Do as much as possible transactions to increase the chances to get all stamps:


Steps to get stamps 


  • First of all, download or update the google pay app 


  • Go to offer section and look for this banner 


  • Click on this banner then gift the stamp and as a result you will receive a surprise stamp 



Other Ways to Get Stamps 


Using Scanner 

Go to dashboard and you will find the “Diwali scanner” option, tap on it and scan the images of jhumka, flowers, lantern, Diya, Rangoli (make sure if you have another phone, google the image and scan using the scanner). Max 5 stamps can be earned using scanner. 


Send Stamps

Send the stamps and and you will receive surprise stamps by sending to anyone.



Recharge or bill payment 

Make more recharges, send money or bill payment transaction that will increase your chance to get rare stamps.


However some stamps are not easy to get such as Rangoli stamps so if you have extra then you can share it with friends to help them earn ₹251.


[Not Working] Trick to Get Rangoli Make a tata sky DTH recharge transaction of minimum ₹35/50 and you will receive Rangoli stamp. This trick is working as of now and it may stop working anytime.


Additional detail

You can collect up to 10 stamps a day, with a limit of 5 stamps per collection method. The more you pay friends and businesses with Google Pay, the more stamps you collect.


For P2P payments, you can only collect one stamp per unique Google Pay user daily.




  1. Get an assured ₹251 gift from Google Pay and a Diwali Bonus ticket when you collect all 5 different stamps.


  2. The Diwali Bonus ticket is a special lucky draw ticket on Google Pay that could win you ₹1 lakh. It unlocks on 12 Nov 2019, so stay tuned to find out if you’re a winner!


  3. Full terms & conditions



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