Refer SBI Buddy and earn ₹25 for every successful referral

State Bank Buddy is the first Indian Mobile Wallet Application available in 13 Languages. It comes with several features like Send money to registered and new users, Ask money and Send reminders to settle dues, transfer additional cash into an account of your choice free of cost, Recharge and Pay Bills instantly, Book for movie tickets, flights and hotel and shop for your favorite merchandise.

Refer state bank buddy app and get ₹25 per referral:

  1. First download State bank buddy app from here
  2. Enter Mobile number and email, name and referral code
  3. ❝Have a promo code❞ and enter Referral code if you have any(Optional)
  4. Click on Sign up and create account
  5. Create your account and start referring app to your friends
  6. Your referral code will be PARCXXXXXXXX where xxxxxxxxxx is your registered 10 digit mobile number
  7. Suppose your mobile number is 1234567890 then your referral code will be PARC1234567890
  8. Start reffering to your friends to and you will receive ₹25 into your SBI wallet
  9. Your referee has to transact twice then only you will receive referral money. You can even send ₹1 twice to same number to get the referral


  1. Your Referral code will be :
    PARCxxxxxxxxxx Where xxxxxxxxxx is your 10 digit registered mobile no.
  2. Now Share Your Referral Code with your Friends
  3. When Your Friend Sign up using your Referral code and complete his 2 Transaction. You can even send ₹1 twice to same number to get the referral
  4. You will get the Rs 25 in SBI Buddy App
  5. The Referral reward money gets credited by next Tuesday.

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