Make Free Phone Calls to Anyone through Web Browser

How to Make Free Calls Through a Web Browser?

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I’ve been reading some articles about VOIP calling services online. There are a number of websites that offer free calling to anywhere in the world. This post will show you how to make free calls through your web browser.

Sometimes, you may not have enough balance to make an outgoing call, but you need to make an important call. In this situation, there is an alternative way to call someone. All you need is an active internet connection. The best part is that you can make phone calls without any software.

These websites offer free calling, but the call duration is limited. You can make free calls directly from your browser without downloading or installing any plugins.


Free call limit: 200 Seconds
CitrusTel offers free online calls to all mobile and landline phones. It is a web browser-based VOIP phone that does not require any app downloads. To use CitrusTel, you need a modern web browser and an internet connection.

  • Go to Cirustel’s website.
  • Choose your desired country and input the phone number.
  • Click on the green call button.
  • Grant permission for the website to access your microphone.
  • Your call will be established in just a few seconds.


Free call limit: 240 Seconds
Want to make free calls from your PC, Mac, or smartphone? IEvaphone makes it possible. You can talk to anyone anywhere in the world by using your web browser. It doesn’t require you install an app or pluggin. It’s easy to call, just like making a regular call with your favorite phone. You don’t even need to register.

  • Click on the phone icon, then choose your country and dial the desired number.
  • Grant permission for microphone access.
  • Dial the number and enjoy a free call for up to 240 seconds.


Free call limit: 100 Seconds
PopTox lets you make free calls from your PC or Smartphone. You can use PopTox from any standard web browser. No need to download apps or plug-ins. Absolutely no payment is required. Simply enter the phone number and click on the “Call” button to start your first free call. Make entirely free calls using our web based free calling app.

  • Go to poptox
  • To place a call to an Indian number, utilize the partnered website Cirustel.
  • Choose the country and dial the desired number.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and your call will connect instantly.
  • Keep in mind that free call time is restricted, so your call will automatically disconnect after 100 seconds.
  • To make another call, simply dial again.

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