How to Win ₹100 Cashback with Google Pay Kite Rush

Google Pay is celebrating the festive season with the Kite Fest. From now until August 21st, you can earn ₹100 cashback by collecting and flying kites in the Google Pay app.

To participate, simply open the Google Pay app and tap on the Kite Fest banner. You’ll then be taken to a virtual sky where you can collect kites by completing challenges. Once you have collected 200 kites, you’ll win the ₹100 cashback.

google pay kite game

Steps to Collect Kites

  • Play Kite Rush
  • You can earn kites by playing the Kite Rush game. You will also receive 5 bonus kites when you enter the campaign.

    google pay kite game

  • Ask for friends’ help
  • You can get free kites by asking your friends for help. They can send you kites or help you earn kites by playing the Kite Rush game with you.

Terms & Conditions

google pay kite tnc

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