Gullak Referral Code [26185S]: Get Free Gold Worth ₹50

Gullak Referral Code – Do you want to get extra gold worth 50 when you invest ₹3000 or purchase 0.5 gold in the Gullak app? In this post, we will talk about how to use the Gullak referral code to earn extra cashback.

Gullak Referral Code: 26185S

You can use this code during registration, or if you missed it, you can still use it later by going to your profile and clicking on the ‘Referral Code’ tab.”

gullak referral code

How to Use Referral Code?

    Step 1: Register on the App

    gullak login

    gullak registration

    When you are registering on the app, look for a field that allows you to enter a referral code. This might be labelled as a “Referral Code”.

    Step 2: Visit Your Profile

    If you’ve already registered, you can also use a referral code by going to your profile >> referral code.

    Step 3: Click Referral Code

    In your profile settings, you’ll find an option to “Referral Code“. Click on it to proceed.

    gullak referral code

    Step 4: Enter Referral Code

    When you click on the referral code, it will ask you to enter the referral code you’ve received.

enter referral code


When you use a Gullak referral code to purchase gold worth at least ₹3000 or 0.5mg for the first time, you will receive an extra ₹50 in cash.

What is Gullak App?

Gullak is an app that allows you to invest in gold. It is accredited by Oriental Insurance and NABL, and there is no lock-in period, so you can purchase, invest, and sell gold whenever you want.

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