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Are you interested in playing fantasy cricket without any investment? If yes, then you can try out the newly launched app called Crickpe.

As you may be aware, this platform is currently offering a promotional deal where new users can receive ₹50 of complimentary bonus cash upon registering. The good thing is you can utilize the bonus cash fully. Additionally, by using the Crickpe referral code -8849641158 when creating an account, users can also receive an extra ₹25. In total, you will have ₹75 at your disposal to use for playing

The app resembles Dream11, where you can play fantasy cricket. We will discuss how does it works, how to create team and point system in Crickpe to help you gey started.


Upon downloading the app and using a referral code, you can avail an offer that gives you a sign-up bonus of 50 cash and an additional 25 INR for using the referral code. This means you get a total of 75 cash added to your wallet, which can be fully utilized.

What is Crickpe, and is it similar to Dream11?

You may be curious to know whether the app functions similarly to Dream11 or if it employs a different strategy.

Crickpe is similar to Dream11 in that it is a fantasy cricket app where you can assemble a virtual team of 11 players to compete for real cash rewards. Once you have created your team, you must wait for the actual match to commence. The performance of the players in your virtual team during the real match will earn you points.

How to play on the Crickpe app?

  • Sign up using your mobile number and complete the registration process.
  • Use the referral code 8849641158 to get additional ₹25 cash.
  • Follow the guidelines to complete your profile.
  • Select the match you want to participate in.
  • Utilize your skills and knowledge to create your ideal virtual team.
  • Participate in various contests available on the app.

Points on Crickpe

To determine the number of points you earn, the performance of the players in your virtual team during the actual match is taken into account. You can refer to the Point System section to understand how the points are calculated.

Points Type Points
Runs 1
Boundry Bonus 2
Six Bounus 2
Half-century bonus 8
Dismissal for a Duck (Batter, Wicket-Keeper, & All-Rounder) -2
League- Bowling Poitns
Wicket 25
4 wicket Bonus 8
5 wicket Bonus 16
Maiden Over 8
Fielding Points
Catch 8
Stumping 12
Run Out (Direct Hit) 12
Run Out (Thrower/Catcher) 12
Other Points
in announced Lineups 4
Economy Rate points(Min 2 overs to be bowled)
Above 6 runs per over 0
Between 5-5.99 runs per over 2
Between 4.99 & 4 runs per over 4
Strike Rate(Min 10 Balls to be played)
Strike Rate between 60-70 runs per 100 balls -2
Strike Rate below 50 runs per 100 balls -6

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