Get 6 Month YouTube Premium Free with Flipkart

What is YouTube premium?

Have you heard of YouTube premium? It is a premium service of YouTube that lets you watch all the YouTube content without a single irritating ad.

YouTube Premium Benefits

1. You don’t see the ads!

With YouTube premium, you can enjoy your favourite content from your smartphone to TV without any interruption that occurs due to the ads at the start, and mid of the streaming. So, if you hate ads like me then YouTube premium is what you can consider.

2. Get your videos offline

YouTube videos can be saved offline or downloaded too. You can find a number of tricks to download YouTube videos many apps that help you download YouTube videos, and there are websites where you can download YouTube videos by pasting the link.

But, if you don’t want to increase the phone’s storage by downloading the additional apps to save YouTube videos or don’t want to waste your time finding websites to save YouTube content, then, YouTube premium is the best option that will give you peace of mind.

With YouTube premium, you can save videos offline to watch anytime. Just click the download button located below every video and save a video in a jiffy.

When commuting it could be hard to stream videos as internet signals are not good everywhere. YouTube’s offline service is the best way to watch videos anywhere without any interruption.

3. A perk of free YouTube Music & originals

YouTube music is a blend of music and videos from millions of videos, songs, audio, originals, catalogue of remixes on the world’s biggest video platform. You could save the music offline with a premium subscription. Like other OTT platforms, YouTube provides exclusive and original content from the world’s biggest content creators.

Benefits of YouTube Premium Subscription

  1. Enjoy ad-free unlimited content
  2. YouTube music to enjoy offline music and videos
  3. Play the music and videos in background
  4. Downlaod the music and vidoes offline
  5. Access to YouTube originals

YouTube Premium Cost
Basic Plan Rs.129/month TRY FREE
Family Plan(5 devices) Rs. 189/month TRY FREE
Student plan Rs. 79/month TRY FREE

Flipkart YouTube Premium Offer

flipkart YouTube premium offer
Image credit: YouTube Premium

This offer is for those who have never opted for YouTube premium before and for all the Smartphone Customers Eligible for this offer who have not claimed the offer, Your YouTube Code will be sent to you on or before 29th November on your Registered details via EMAIL or SMS or InAPP Notification

Steps to Get Free YouTube Premium

  1. Go to this page
  2. Click Claim Now and the OTP will be sent to your Email
  3. Verify your identity and enter the card details
  4. Use KOTAK 811 or DBS card and you will be charged Rs. 1 for the authentication
  5. Bingo! You will get 6 monthly memberships soon from Flipkart.
  6. You can remove your card anytime.
  7. Just cancel the membership if you don’t want to get charged after the trial expiration
  8. You can cancel the YouTube premium free membership anytime.

Go to and log in to your Google account. Select the card under the payment methods and remove the card in case you don’t want to get charged after the trial expiration.

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