daily trivia quiz answers flipkart – 26 November 2020

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Find the Flipkart daily trivia’s answers for today, and win the vouchers, gems and many more prizes.

The award will be distributed to first 50000 winners.

Answers the 5 questions

There is no time limit

Flipkart daily trivia is a daily quiz game where you can win gems, super coins, gift vouchers and various kinds of rewards by answering the 5 simple questions. Since there is no time limit, you can use google for answers or get Flipkart daily trivia quiz’s answers here.

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Flipkart daily trivia quiz answers- 26th November

1). Published in 2013, the race of my life is the autobiography of which athlete?

Milkha Singh

2. Which of these is an issf shooting shotgun event?

Double trap

3. What did the indian government posthumouslyard the mountaineer edmund hilary in 2008?

Padma Vibhusan

4. Who has become the 1st overseas player to be drafted for the hundred cricket tournament

Rashid Khan

5. Recently andy murray won his 1st title since 2017 which one?

Europian Union

You can play trivia quiz daily to win rewards. Though this quiz is live throughout the day from 12AM – 11:59PM, play this quiz as early as possible because only the first 40000 players are eligible for prizes. You can check the answers here daily once a new quiz is live on app.

What are gems on Flipkart ?

Gems can be exchanged to get SuperCoins and these coins can be exchanged to get vouchers, premium subscriptions, and Flipkart’s gift vouchers further


Also, these coins can be used to purchase Flipkart Plus membership for a year.

Flipkart game zone is for those who love to play quizzes. By answering the 5 simple questions, you can grab smartphones, Flipkart e-gift vouchers worth thousands and multiple prizes.

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