Best Credit Card Payment Apps for Rewards

What Are the Best Credit Card Payment Apps in 2023?

Looking for a way to save money on your credit card bill? Check out these credit card payment apps that offer the best cashback and rewards. These apps can help you earn money back on your everyday purchases, which can add up over time.

In this article, we will list the best credit card payment apps that give maximum cashback and rewards in 2023.

top credit card bill payment apps in India

List of the best credit card payment apps for maximum cashback and rewards in 2023

There are a number of different credit card payment apps available, so it’s important to compare the cashback and rewards rates offered by different apps before you choose one. If you’re not getting cashback with your existing app, consider the payment apps listed below. You may also want to consider using multiple credit card payment apps to maximize your earnings.

1. HDFC Bill Pay

If you have HDWith HDFC bill payment, you can earn up to ₹750 cashback on making credit card bill payment. Here’s how you can save up to ₹750 with HDFC bank debit card.HDFC Millenia offers a 1% cashback up to Rs 400 per month, while HDFC Easyshop Platinum offers up to Rs 750 per month. This is applicable when you pay non HDFC bank’s credit card.

  1. Log in to your HDFC Bank Netbanking account.
  2. Click on the “BillPay & Recharge” tab and then select “Continue.”
  3. Add a new biller by clicking on “Add Biller.”
  4. Choose “Credit Card” as the biller category.
  5. Select your credit card provider from the available options.
  6. Enter your credit card details.
  7. Specify the amount you wish to pay.
  8. Pick your debit card from the dropdown menu.
  9. Click the “Pay” button.
  10. Enter the OTP to finalize the transaction.

2. Mobikwik

MobiKwik is one of the best options for credit card bill payments because it offers a guaranteed 1% flat cashback every month on successful credit card bill payments. If you are a new user, you can also receive a flat ₹100 cashback on your first-ever credit card payment.

Information Details
Mobikwik Download App
New User Offer Flat 100 Cashback
Credit Card Bill Payment Offers up to 100-150/month

Mobikwik app offers flat cashback on credit card bill payment, while flat ₹100 cashback on first credit card bill payment.

Flat ₹100 cashback on minimum ₹5000 CC payment
Get 1% cashback on credit card bill payment
Get ₹50 cashback on minimum ₹100 CC payment
Get up to ₹250 cashback on minimum ₹10000 CC payment

The app is trusted and easy to use. You can use various payment options and various cash-back programs for credit card users. It sends you offers through notifications and also you can check ongoing offers on credit cards on the app.

Mobikwik offers a range of multiple offers specifically designed for credit card bill payments, establishing its reputation as a preferred platform in this category.

Key Features

  • Fast and lightweight app
  • Various payment modes
  • Easy to use
  • Cashback programs
  • Credit Card statement and timely reminders
  • Use of SuperCoins

3. PostPe

Do you have a large amount of credit card bills to pay? You can use this app as it offers flat 0.25% cash back. To earn maximum cashback you can partially pay with CheQ and use PostPe. This way you can earn maximum cashback. This app is particularly beneficial for large payment transactions. You can earn a maximum cashback of 1000 INR per transaction.

Information Details
PostPe Download App
New User Offer N/A
Cashback on Credit Card Bill Payment Flat 0.25% Cashback

Postpe offer flat 0.25% cashback on credit card bill payments. The maximum cashback is capped at ₹1000 per transaction.

Key features

  • Track monthly spending
  • Use now and pay later features
  • Assured casbhback on Credit card bill payment
  • Interest free credit for 30 days

4. Cred

Cred is the most popular and best credit card bill payment app. However, its cashback offers are not as good as other apps mentioned in this list.

The key benefit of this app is that the app supports a greater number of credit cards than other apps on the market. Users can earn Cred coins for each successful payment, which can be redeemed for nothing.

Information Details
Cred Download App
New User Offer Up to ₹250 Cashback (Claim here)
Cashback on Credit Card Bill Payment Variable/Assured Cred Coins

Key Features

  • Most Popular and clean UI
  • Support for all types of credit cards
  • Bill payment and send money facility available
  • Payment with UPI, scan and pay, assured rewards on scan & pay
  • Cred protect to check hidden charges by credit cards
  • Payment reminder on Whatsapp, in-app notifications
  • Credit card statement

5. Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv is an app that provides cashback on credit card bill payments and offers special deals for new users. Apart from bill payments, it also offers loan and credit card services.

If you are searching for an app with special offers for new users, you may want to consider checking out Bajaj Finserv. The app may become unresponsive sometimes and is not as smooth functioning as others.

Information Details
Bajaj Finserv Download App
New User Offer Yes
Cashback on Credit Card Bill Payment 50-100/Month

This app is unresponsive and not smooth as other. But, you can earn between ₹75-150 on your first credit card bill payment.

6. Paytm

Paytm is a popular credit card payment app in India that offers cashback though its cashback offers are not enticing, you may check if it has user-specific for this category. You can earn around ₹10-200 cashback on credit card bill payments. The offer you can check under the cashback and offers section.

In addition to this, new users can get additional cashback on their first-ever credit card bill payment on Paytm.

Information Details
Paytm Download App
New User Offer N/A
Cashback on Credit Card Bill Payment Variable/Paytm Cashback Points

Paytm is well known platform. It runs various cashback offers that you can find on app.

Key features

  • A secure app, recharege and bill payment, send moeny , online and offline payment
  • Rewars on online/offline payments
  • UPI facility and UPI Lite to send money without UPI Pin
  • Paytm cashback points
  • Credit cards bill payment support

7. CheQ

CheQ is a relatvely new app that offer flat cashback in the form of CheQ chips. The chips can be redeemed for cash or vouchers. With this app, you will have an idea how much cash back you will earn. The cashback you will receive in the form of CheQ chips.

Details Benefits
CheQ App Download App
Cashback Flat 0.25%
Cashback Form CheQ Chips

The chips can be redeemed into cash or you can avail brand vouchers such as Amazon, Big Basket, PVR, and many more.

Key Features

  • Clean and easy to use UI (Similar to Cred)
  • Faster payment settlement
  • Payment via Gpay,Phonepe

Best Credit Card Payment Apps

In this article, we have listed the best credit card payment apps for rewards. To maximize your rewards, you can make partial payments with multiple apps listed in the article, such as Mobikwik, HDFC Bill Pay, CheQ, and Amazon Pay.

Before making a payment, be sure to check the Mobikwik app, as they often have running offers. CheQ was once a great option, but the chips they offer are not very useful. You can still check the CheQ rewards section, but I recommend focusing on Mobikwik and HDFC Bill Pay, and then checking other apps for specific offers if needed.

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