AMAZON SCAN & PAY : Send ₹500 and Get ₹75- 2000 Cashback

Amazon has come again with the send money offer where you can earn money by sending money via UPI. Under this offer, you can earn upto ₹2500 cashback by sending money. There are currently two offers ongoing – send money offer & scan & pay offer.

Amazon Send Money Offer

Send ₹250 through Amazon and receive surprise reward of upto ₹1000 in value.

  • Go to Amazon app
  • Head to UPI section
  • Send ₹500 or above via UPI
  • If you are Amazon prime member then you will get up to ₹2500 while non-prime member can receive up ₹1000 cashback to Amazon pay wallet.

Amazon Scan & Pay offer

Under this offer, if you pay minimum ₹500 using Amazon UPI by scanning QR code then you can earn up to ₹2500 cashback (for prime member) and if you are a nonprime member then you can earn up to ₹2500 cashback to Amazon pay wallet. You will receive random cashback and minimum cashback will be ₹75 while non-prime member will surely receive minimum ₹15 cashback.

Open the Phonepe and scan the QR code with Amazon app and send minimum ₹500 and check how much cashback you have won.


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