A Legit Micro/Short Website for Earning Money from Home

There are plenty of ways to earn pocket money with the smartphone: like participating in surveys, playing games, listening to music, downloading apps, etc.


But, have you heard about microtasking? It is one of the best ways to earn pocket money by investing a few hours every day. The best thing, anybody having basic English skills can work and earn decent money.

Let’s understand what is microtasking?

Microtasks are small tasks like clicking images, filling surveys, recording short videos, clicking photos of nearby stores and places, labeling data, and many more small tasks, etc., that require basic human intelligence. These small jobs online can help you make handsome amount of money.

You probably have come across such apps that pay for recording videos, audio, translating, clicking photos, and different kinds of micro tasks.

By investing around 1 hour daily, you can earn around 100-200$ every month. All you need to find a decent website/platform.

Join Multiple platforms to increase earning

Many people manage to earn a decent amount every month. With one platform, you can earn enough so you can pay for internet and mobile recharge bills. In order to increase your earnings, you can apply for microtask work on multiple websites.

Though tons of websites offer such jobs/tasks, I will recommend you Clickworker, a popular platform, where you can find plenty of simple tasks and money earning opportunities.

Clickworker is one of the platforms that offer you such tasks for which they will pay you a small amount ranging from 1$ to 25$, along with UHRS tasks to help you make more money.

Check out Clickworker, it is a platform where you can carry out microtasks and get paid for each task you complete.

Who can work?

Anyone who has a smartphone and internet connection can work on microtasks. These tasks may involve image/video processing, recording audio, proofreading, data verification, data processing, etc.

  • Capture photos of nearby places
  • Record audios
  • Record videos
  • Transcription

❝It is advisable not to share sensitive data like the photo of ID card, the document containing your details, etc., as sometimes you may be asked to upload your documents. It’s always better to avoid such tasks.𘦪

Moreover, you are not forced to complete all the tasks available on Clickworker. You will be paid for the tasks you complete and the earned money will be transferred to a linked Paypal account.

Clickworker is a let platform that offers remote tasks, also termed as crowdsourcing, where one can work from anywhere, anytime.

How to use it?

  1. Download Clickworker app iOS|Android or simply head to Clickworker.com
  2. Register on it and provide correct details (Ensure that you have a Paypal account as of the same name on Clickworker)
  3. Complete the registration and you will see various tasks on the dashboard

How to earn with UHRS?

Clickworker comes up with “UHRS” for small jobs/tasks, usually containing data or image categorization tasks. You can access these jobs by completing an assessment to ensure that you have the required English knowledge to work with.

Under the UHRS section, you will find plenty of tasks, that are called hitapps. For each hit you complete they will pay a specific amount.

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